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I use MSN Hotmail and Gmail. How can I have ZipMail available for these two webmails on a same computer?

You need ZipMail for WebMails Pro.
Contrary to ZipMail for hotmail, ZipMail for Gmail and ZipMail for Yahoo that are dedicated to a single webmail platform, ZipMail for Webmails Pro can be configured to support (if needed simultaneously) multiple webmails (like Hotmail, Gmail, Yahoo and others public or corporate webmails).

I was using MSN Hotmail and I migrated to Gmail. Can I use ZipMail for MSN Hotmail with Gmail?

Good news, with your ZipMail for Hotmail license key, you can install ZipMail for Gmail!

Simply de-install ZipMail for Hotmail, download and install an evaluation copy of ZipMail for Gmail and reuse the license key you received when purchasing ZipMail for MSN Hotmail.

The license key you received for ZipMail for Hotmail can be reused with ZipMail for Gmail and ZipMail for Yahoo Mail.